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A. Ontario Nitrogen Calculator Input and Recommendation
Yield Expectation (bu/ac):
Soil Texture: Sandy Loam
CHU rating for field:
Previous Crop: Wheat (Oat Cover Crop)
Price of Corn ($/bu):
Cost of Nitrogen ($/lb):
Total N Recommendation (lbs N/ac) (Pre-Plant):
Total N Recommendation (lbs N/ac) (SideDress):

B. Nitrogen Applications
N applied as starter (lbs N/ac):
N applied as pre-plant broadcast (lbs N/ac):
N applied as sidedress (lbs N/ac):

C. Ontario Soil Nitrate Testing Input and Recommendation
Sampling Date (mm/dd/yyyy): Crop Stage (i.e.V3) Soil Nitrate (PPM)
1. 05/11/2017 Planting 3.00
2. 05/25/2017 V1-V2 3.70
3. 06/05/2017 V3-V4 4.10
4. 06/19/2017 V6 2.30
5. 07/04/2017 V9 3.37
PSTN Nitrogen Recommendation (lbs N/ac):
(based on sample date 3)

D. Corn Yield Response to Nitrogen
Nitrogen Non-Limiting Corn Yield (bu/ac):
Zero Nitrogen Corn Yield (bu/ac):
Yield response to Nitrogen (difference):
Estimated Optimum N Rate (lbs N/ac)*:

* the Optimum N rate is that rate that if applied in spring would have resulted in the highest economic return for Corn.