Section 1: ENTER Location Details   Summary
Corn Heat Unit Rating of Early Planted     Early Corn Metrics        
Section 2: ENTER Early Planted Corn Details   Date Planted    
Assumes corn planted on or before May 10.   Est Corn $ of Early-Planted After Drying /bu /t
Date Planted   /ac /ha
Expected Corn Price $/bu   Population of Early Corn pl/ac pl/ha
Expected Yield if Full Population bu/ac   Est % Yield @ Actual Pop %    
Expected Harvest Moisture %   Est Yield of Actual Pop bu/ac t/ha
/ac /ha
Enter Suggested Drying Charge or Adjust $/bu   /ac /ha
Actual Plant Population pl/ac   Replanted Corn Metrics        
Section 3: ENTER Replant Corn Details   Date Replanted    
Assumes corn planted after May 20   Days after May 10      
Replant Date   Est Replanted Corn Price (After Drying) /bu /t
Hybrid Heat Unit Rating   Est Yield Potential of Full Pop Replanted Corn %    
Seeding Rate Seeds/ac   Est Yield of Full Pop Replanted Corn bu/ac t/ha
/ac /ha
Enter Predicted Yield or Adjust bu/ac   Replant Insurance Payment /ac /ha
Replant Herbicide Costs /ac /ha
Enter Predicted Moisture or Adjust %   Replant Spraying Costs /ac /ha
Replant Tillage Costs /ac /ha
Enter Suggested Drying Charge or Adjust $/bu   Replant Seed Costs /ac /ha
Section 4: ENTER Replant Economic Details   Replant Planter Costs /ac /ha
Replant Insurance Payment $/ac   /ac /ha
Herbicide Costs Associated with Replanting $/ac     /ac /ha
Sprayer Costs Associated with Replanting $/ac   Replant Decision Bottomline        
Replant Tillage Cost $/ac   Replant Profit Increase over Existing Stand /ac /ha
Replant Seed Cost $/80,000 kernels   Predicted Break Even Early Population pl/ac pl/ha
Planter Costs Associated with Replanting $/ac   Recommendation
Notes: the lowest plant population for replant considerations is 12000 plants/ac