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Frequently Asked Questions
What is provides site-specific, weather-based agricultural decision support tools for grain growers in Ontario. Several tools are accessible to all visitors, but to get all the features you should register for a free account. is owned & maintained by Weather INnovations Consulting LP, with sponsorship from Bayer CropScience and PRIDE Seeds.

WIN specializes in providing turnkey weather based monitoring and modelling solutions for agribusinesses, producer organizations, government agencies, researchers and others. WIN makes models easy to use at the farm level by providing a connection to innovative research with site-specific applications.

What’s available without an account?
No log-in is required for:
  • SPRAYcast™ (sponsored by Bayer CropScience)
    • Forecast of spray conditions to minimize off-target pesticide movement
    • Identifies times during the day that are more or less favourable for spraying
    • Users select their field location on an interactive map, choose boom height and can view site-specific information
  • Research Corner
  • Other Tools
What are the basic features for all registered users?
  • Field Mapping
    • Users create a profile and use GoogleMaps© to identify the location of a field
    • Users can save as many fields as they wish in their profile
    • The identified fields drive the site-specific advisories and other tools throughout the site
  • Analytical Maps
    • Monthly Rainfall
    • Monthly CHU
  • Past Fields—information saved from last seasons’ registered fields
  • Programmable Alerts
  • Site-Specific, Weather-Based Agronomic Calculations
    • Crop Heat Unit accumulation
    • Growing Degree Day accumulation
  • Weather Forecasts
    • Daily—10 days
    • Hourly—5 days
What wheat tools (Sponsored by Bayer CropScience) are available?
  • DONcast®
    • Predicts deoxynivalenol toxin concentration in wheat at harvest
    • Uses actual, forecasted and historical weather data with field-specific agronometric data
    • Assists in strategizing which fields with elevated DON potential should be harvested first
  • WHEATcast
    • Predicts Septoria tritici leaf spot and powdery mildew foliar diseases
    • Proprietary hourly temperature/leaf wetness/relative humidity algorithm
    • Daily disease severity values are accumulated and graphed
What corn tools (Sponsored by PRIDE Seeds) are available?
How do I sign-up and register a field?
Step 1: Create an Account
Visit the Registration Page and fill in your basic profile details. Some fields are required, but all personal info will be kept confidential. After clicking Submit you’ll receive an email from the webmaster confirming signup.
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Step 2: Locate Your First Field
Enter a street address for your field or use the GoogleMap to find it (zoom in and scroll as needed), then left-click to mark a pin. Next, select your crop (wheat, corn or other).

Step 3: Enter Agronomy Details
The information you enter here assists with automated process and mathematical models that work behind the scenes. The Planting Date, for instance, powers the Growth Stage Calculator. Tillage and crop info from two previous seasons is used in the DONcast® model, which is currently being redeveloped for corn and will be available soon.

Hit submit and registration for that field is complete! You can add as many more fields as you like.

Now you’re ready to start using the My Fields dashboard tools, including the Corn Growth Stage and Drydown Date models, CHU and GDD data, weather forecasts and interpretive maps.

What is a Weather Partner? Weather Partners have WIN weather stations right in their fields. This enables a much more accurate analysis of weather conditions and powers several additional features available only to Weather Partners, including:
  • My Station
    • Access and analysis of the actual raw data collected by Weather Partner’s station
    • Graphical comparisons of current data with historic and 30-year-normals
  • BINcast®
    • weather-based 5-day advance forecast for improving grain drying and conditioning in “ventilation only” grain storage systems
  • Live Data
    • Real-time view of readings directly from the Weather Partner’s station
  • Access to addVANTAGE Pro data-analysis software
  • Weather Reports
    • Interactive tool for comparing up to three years of data
How do I become a Weather Partner?
Contact WIN today to find out more about all the advantages having a station in your field can give you.

About DONcast®

DONcast® is a tool designed for wheat producers to provide a means of predicting deoxynivalenol toxin (DON) concentration in wheat at harvest.

The DONcast® calculator, developed by Weather INnovations Consulting LP, uses actual, forecasted and historical weather data along with field-specific agronometric data to accurately predict DON concentrations in wheat at harvest.

Producers can use this tool to:

  1. Make informed management decisions on whether or not to apply a fungicide at heading for reducing potential DON concentrations in mature grain
  2. Help strategize which fields with elevated DON potential should be harvested first
  3. Provide an advance warning of DON concentrations toward better or alternative market destinations before harvest
About WHEATcast

A new plant disease model has been developed by Weather INnovations Consulting LP, called WHEATcast™. The purpose is to provide wheat farmers advice on when to more intensely scout their wheat fields for the presence and severity of septoria tritici leaf spot and powdery mildew foliar diseases.

The model begins on January 1 of the year of harvest, rating each day on a scale of 0-7 based on a proprietary hourly temperature/leaf wetness/relative humidity algorithm where the actual daily disease severity values are accumulated and graphed.

The base site-specific graph identifies two threshold lines. Whenever the actual accumulative disease severity values fall below the yellow threshold line the amount of disease appearing on the wheat foliage is not considered sufficient to cause any loss in yield or seed quality. Whenever the actual location accumulative DSVs rise above the red threshold line, the level of disease has been shown to reduce yields and a fungicide spray application is warranted.

It is essential, of course, that the spray application be applied before the accumulative DSVs go much above this line or better still a corrective measure should be considered BEFORE this line is reached. Whenever the actual accumulative DSVs are between these two threshold decision lines it is suggested that the grower needs to inspect the field and determine the degree of infection. A map will be available for a regional assessment of these diseases.

A spray threshold is NOT a fixed value but a decision each grower must make for him/her self.